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Glenn Flavin

About me

Hi, I‘m Glenn. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and have lived in London, studied in Florence and  spent many years living and working in Hamburg, Germany before relocating to Palma on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

I‘ve worked professionally in the music and theater business for over 35 years, as a performer, musical director, coach and casting consultant. Baking is my passionate pastime and I‘ve been baking for as long as I can remember.

Welcome to my bake-along live!  

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How it works

Here's the plan

Bake Along


Join me and other bakers from all over the world live. I‘ll be taking you through the recipe, explaining techniques and tips to get the most from your bake. The duration of the live bake-along is usually 30-40 minutes. After that, I will leave you all to finish off your bakes. Then, at a time specified during the live bake, we will reconvene live for the “reveal show“ where we will see the results of your creativity. Be prepared to be inspired!



I‘ll send you a list of the ingredients and equipment you need. Make sure you have your ingredients ready and weighed out. Most recipes will require some preparation in advance.  I‘ll send you a short video explaining the steps of how, and when to prepare.


We‘ll be going live on Zoom, make sure you have it installed on your device. For more information about Zoom, click on the button below. Set your device or laptop up in the kitchen and check that you can work and watch easily.

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To sign up for your free bake-along live session, click on the contact button below and let me know which session you would like to join.
The register button will take you to my subscription page, where you can register and choose your subscription level, starting at €3,50 euro/month. Payment in your own currency is possible and you can quit at any time.